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GZP131 Pressure Sensor

Product Description

GZP131 is a surface mounting pressure sensor based on CFSensor silicon-glass based piezoresistive pressure sensor die. The sensor die is bonded on a substrate with a with a metal cap and packaged with a small volume. The small size and high reliability of on-chip integration make this sensor a simple and economical choice for high volume application in a variety of industries. With small COB package, GZP131 is easy for users to install on board.

     With good repeatability, linearity, stability and sensibility, GZP131 is very facile for users to calibrate output & thermal drift and make temperature compensation by using exterior operational amplifier or integrated circuit.(For calibrated sensor if required, please refer to Sencoch pressure module series)

The GZP131 pressure sensor is intended for use with non-corrosive gas or air. It is highly prohibited to choke the side of pressure diaphragm during actual application. Please consult us if a pressure medium  other then air is to be used.

GZP131 Pressure Sensor
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